Welcome to my constantly changing genealogy website - it is very much a work in progress as I sort through information obtained over many years. If you believe we have a common ancestor, I hope that you will contact me so we can compare and share info. I may have more info than appears here and can provide more detailed source references. Additional information and corrections are both appreciated.

For the most part, this site only includes persons I believe to be deceased. As a result, some events, like marriages, that involve two persons will be excluded if one of the persons is marked as still living in my database. However, it is possible that the living person's name will show up in a source citation if the record of the marriage is used as a source document for another event.

As of 06 March 2016 ... Thanks to a new software upgrade and some layout changes, the site is now much more friendly to mobile users:
• The menus have been consolidated, using more drop-down sub-menus for a cleaner interface. For example, the "New" button on the main menu has a drop-down menu for easy access to all the pages regarding additions and changes to the site. The "Indexes" button has drop-downs for the various name and place indexes, including the Surname Index.
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• Unfortunately, charts are an exception due to the nature of their layout - they do still require scrolling.

A quick navigation tip - these limited indexes will save time if you are only interested in one of my lines:

On the other hand, if you want to see an index of all the individuals on this site, use the Surname Index. You can also use the Search Feature to search for specific names, places or other key words.

In the interest of protecting privacy:

  • Detailed information regarding living persons has been excluded from this site. However, living persons may appear in photos or be included in transcripts of commonly available records such as obituaries.
  • I have also limited the level of source information published here - no addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Refer to the updates page for a list of the most recent updates; and remember that the date last edited appears on each person's page.

Most of all ... Have fun digging into your past!

Copyright Notice

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Before using any info from this site on your own site, in an online tree, or in your records, please read my Citations page for suggestions (the link also appears at the top of every page). Thank you.


Primary surnames include:

  • Aston
  • Church
  • Harris
  • Kuhn

Secondary family names:

  • Clark
  • Lydick
  • McGary
  • Summers

And many more!

Both my husband and I have our roots firmly planted in West Virginia . . . even though we no longer live there, our hearts remain . . . we'll always be West Virginians!