The Bartlett-Rulong Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on Fork Ridge Road, Moundsville, Marshall County, West Virginia. This small family cemetery sits on land that was owned by Rufus Bartlett in the 1800's and subsequently passed to the Rulong family via the marriage of his daughter Emeline to John Rulong.

Persons who were buried here are shown below using these columns:

  • Name: Primary name; maiden name for married women.
  • Name on Stone: Self-explanatory.
  • Date of Death: May be same as stone, but often comes from death records or other sources.
  • Date of Burial: Usually from death certificate, obituary, funeral card, etc.
  • Special Inscriptions and Comments: Inscriptions are italicized; my comments are not. Inscriptions generally exclude dates as the intent is to capture special or unique ones.

NameName on StoneDate of DeathDate of Burial Special Inscriptions and Comments
Bartlett, AubornAuborn, son of R. & C. Bartlett10 Feb 1832Died Feb 10th 1832, Aged 19 d's
Bartlett, Emeline S.Emeline Rulong2 May 1907John Rulong and Emeline, his wife
Bartlett, RufusRufus Bartlett1 May 1862Died May 1, 1862 In his __ Yr
Bartlett, Teresa ElzinaTeresa E. Bartlett1 Oct 1853IN Memory of Teresa E. Bartlett, died Oct 1st 1853. Aged 19 yr's 4 d's.
"BEAR me ye spirits of the blest, To zions bowers of joy and peace, Where all is love and heavenly rest, And holy anthems never cease." (verse from a Universalist hymn)
"How short the race our daughter has run, Cut down in all her bloom, Her course but yesterday begun, Now finished in the tomb." (verse from an Episcopal hymn)
Rulong, JohnJohn Rulong6 Dec 1904
Sherwin, CleopatraCleopatra, wife of Rufus Bartlett19 Dec 1860Died Dec 19, 1860 In her 61_ Yr.
Whilst in His embrace our Mother lies, Her spirit ... In realms ...