Per a 2007 newspaper article titled "How Hundred Got Its Name - Part Three" by Clyde C. Cale, Jr.1, six of the eight children raised by Henry and Hannah married and produced a total of 62 grandchildren.

The article continues:

"From this numerous progeny sprang - children, children's children, and grand and great grand children - and as they grew up, the name of Henry increased and multiplied among them until there were young and old Henry, Henry Senior (who was not Old Hundred), and Henry Junior (who was not the youngest born), Henry of Sam and Henry of Henry, Long Henry, and Short Henry, ad infinitum ..."

It would be interesting to know what the total count of descendants named Henry is to date ... needless to say, I'll never know. What I do know is that having so many Henrys makes genealogy research extremely difficult!

I'm using this page to track all of the individual Henry Churches I have identified and to compare the different name variations I find for them. Let me start with Old Hundred himself - here goes ...

ID# 1527 Henry Church
• Old Hundred (the namesake for Hundred, WV)
• Henry Church Senr. (1830 census)
ID# 2050 Henry Church - son of Old Hundred
• Henry Church (1850 census)
• Henry Church Jr. (1820 & 1840 censuses, death per Dixon Evening Telegraph & Sterling Daily Gazette)
• Henry Church Junr. (1830 census)
• Henry Church Sr. (death per Pittsburgh Daily Post & The Times, Philadephia)
ID# 2052 Henry Church - son of #2050 and grandson of Old Hundred
• Henry Church (1850 & 1870 censuses)
• Henry Church III (findagrave memorial)
• Henry Church Sr. (gravestone)
ID# 2420 Henry F. M. Church - son of William Clark Church (ID# 2054) and grandson of Old Hundred
• Henry Church (gravestone)
ID# 1446 Henry S. Church - son of Samuel Church (ID# 1412) and great-grandson of Old Hundred
• H. S. Church - (marriage record for his son George)

As I continue researching the Church family, this page will continue to change ... new Henry's ... new variations for the Henry's that are already here ... perhaps I'll have an epiphany one day and everything that looks like a discrepancy now will fit together perfectly!

1 "How Hundred Got Its Name - Part Three", The Preston County Journal, Preston Publications, Inc. (Kingwood, West Virginia), Volume 141, no. 26, 14 November 2007, page 11.  Online Google Newspapers.