The Fork Ridge Christian Church was established in 1898 and sits at the intersection of Fork Ridge and Brushy Ridge in Marshall County, West Virginia. The cemetery is located behind the church.

Persons who were buried here are shown below using these columns:

  • Name: Primary name; maiden name for married women.
  • Name on Stone: Self-explanatory.
  • Date of Death: May be same as stone, but often comes from death records or other sources.
  • Date of Burial: Usually from death certificate, obituary, funeral card, etc.
  • Special Inscriptions and Comments: Inscriptions are italicized; my comments are not. Inscriptions generally exclude dates as the intent is to capture special or unique ones.

NameName on StoneDate of DeathDate of Burial Special Inscriptions and Comments
Aston, Charles HenryC. Henry Aston10 Apr 195413 Apr 1954Father
Aston, Dessie Charlotte "Dess"Dessie C. Harris1 May 1986
Aston, Joseph M. "Joe"Joseph M. Aston12 Jan 1983From the branch of life, three leaves have fallen
Aston, Judy KayJudy K. Aston27 Nov 1965From the branch of life, three leaves have fallen
Aston, Lyle GlennLyle G. Aston30 Mar 1969SP4 11th Armd. Cav. Regt - Vietnam
Aston, Mary Gladys "Peggy"Mary G. "Peggy" Kuhn17 May 201620 May 2016Married July 28, 1946
Aston, Nina Annno gravestone6 Jan 19497 Jan 1949Reportedly buried next to her grandmother, Dessie (Aston) Harris
Aston, Sue EllaSue Ella Chambers16 Jun 201022 Jun 2010
Aston, Thomas Glen "Cy"Thomas G. Aston29 Jun 20153 Jul 2015
Blake, Homer RalphHomer R. Blake17 Jun 1973Father
Briggs, Emma MayEmma M. Parks18 Mar 195521 Mar 1955
Church, Eileen MarieEileen M. ClaytonOct 1989
Church, EliEli Church10 Mar 195812 Mar 1958Father
Church, Elizabeth "Liz"Elizabeth MarshJun 1984
Church, Lela Ellen "Lee"Lela E. Leach8 Feb 1989Mother
Church, Nellie BelleNellie B. Kuhn6 Feb 19999 Feb 1999Mother
Church, Orrel Amos "Oac"Orrel Church8 Dec 1983
Church, Vera RosamondVera R. Blake2 Mar 19824 Mar 1982Mother
Clayton, Robert CarlRobert C. Clayton1 Feb 19953 Feb 1995PFC, US Army, World War II
Cummins, Mary BaneMary B. Harris17 Aug 1916O. L. Harris and Mary B. his wife
Harris, Alda LouiseAlda Louise Kuhn9 Mar 200512 Mar 2005Married June 11, 1948
Harris, Charles McClureCharles M. Harris15 Jun 193218 Jun 1932
Harris, Elizabeth Virginia "Bess"Bess (Harris) Stewart26 Oct 198628 Oct 1986
Harris, Eva MaeEva M. Aston2 Oct 20024 Oct 2002
Harris, James Alfred "Jim"no gravestone27 Dec 194729 Dec 1947Reportedly buried beside his wife, Bessie (Pierce) Harris
Harris, Lena MayLena Harris Keller7 Nov 195410 Nov 1954
Harris, Olivia "Ollie"Ollie Stewart1941
Harris, Oscar Leslie "Bones"O. L. Harris31 May 19593 Jun 1959
Harris, SamuelSamuel Harris2 Jan 19366 Jan 1936Co. C 12.W.Va.
Harris, Uriah SheridanSheridan U. Harris4 Apr 19376 Apr 1937
Harris, Wilfred W.Wilfred W. Harris7 May 1932
Harris, William Ollison "Will"William O. Harris5 Mar 1925
Henderson, Margaret RuthRuth Church26 Sep 201429 Sep 2014
Hill, Isaac Jr.27 Jun 19543 Jul 1954
Howard, Harold Hanson "Hank"Harold Hanson Howard3 Oct 1964West Virginia, Cpl US Marine Corp Res, World War II
Howard, Leota J.Leota J. Harris1949William D. Harris and Leota J. his wife
Jefferson, Martha Emmaline "Mattie"Martha E. Stewart8 Aug 193010 Aug 1930
Keller, Garnett IsaacGarnett I. Keller13 May 1989
Keller, Lyle DeanLyle Dean Keller11 Oct 193013 Oct 1930Lyle Dean son of G. I. & Lena Keller
Kuhn, Dale MiltonDale M. Kuhn19 Aug 199021 Aug 1990Married July 28, 1946
Kuhn, David JamesDavid James Kuhn27 Apr 2009"Beloved son of Andy and Jackie." The word "Babe" appears inside a heart, for his girlfriend. The words, "In God's hands. Why me? Why not me!" are an excerpt from his notes in his Bible.
Kuhn, Donald GlennDonald Glenn Kuhn11 Jan 200915 Jan 2009Married June 11, 1948
Kuhn, Herbert SamuelHerbert S. Kuhn10 Dec 197213 Dec 1972Father
Kuhn, Philip Lee "Phil"Philip L. Kuhn3 Feb 20057 Feb 2005
Lautar, JackJack Lautar6 May 1994Father
Leach, Homer OscarHomer O. Leach10 Nov 1973Father
Lyons, James Russell "Jimmy"James R. Lyons24 Jun 1982Father
Marsh, ArnoldArnold Marsh12 May 196315 May 1963
Moore, Dorothy MaxineDorothy M. Kuhn6 Aug 200410 Aug 2004
Moore, Helen Evon14 Nov 195318 Nov 1953
Parks, Eula M.Eula M. Parks4 Mar 19517 Mar 1951
Parks, Judson Rossell "J. R."J. Rossell Parks24 May 195127 May 1951
Parks, Mary Elizabeth "Maida"Mary E. Harris30 Jun 1934
Pelley, Roberta M.Roberta M. Yoho14 Aug 200516 Aug 2005
Pierce, Bessie JaneBessie Pierce Harris27 Oct 1916wife of J.A. Harris
Pierce, JohnJohn Pierce19 Nov 1903John Pierce Amelia C his wife Absent from the body at home with the Lord
Pullen, Tausha Heather Naomi13 May 2007
Richmond, Mary ElizabethMary E. Harris11 Jun 192613 Jun 1926Samuel Harris and Mary E. his wife
Ryan, Mary GertrudeMary G. Aston25 Jul 198328 Jul 1983From the branch of life, three leaves have fallen
Stewart, Charles KellerCharles Stewart31 Jul 19453 Aug 1945
Stewart, Martha Virginia "Mattie"Martha V. Stewart6 Feb 19829 Feb 1982
Stewart, Mary ImogeneGrandma - M. Imogene Stewart Newell19 Jan 2007Feel their kisses in the wind
Stewart, Opal Maurine "Pat"Opal M. Lautar30 Jan 19911 Feb 1991Mother
Stewart, Orrin HomerOrrin Homer Stewart16 Mar 193819 Mar 1938
Stewart, Rhea M.Rhea M. Stewart1946
Stewart, Samuel McKinneyS. M. Stewart21 Mar 1907
Suarez, Scott LeviSon - Scott L. Suarez7 Aug 2001Feel their kisses in the wind
Talbott, Amelia C.Amelia C. Pierce23 Oct 193525 Oct 1935John Pierce Amelia C his wife Absent from the body at home with the Lord
Williams, Patricia Lou "Patty"Patricia L. Patty Leach19 Apr 199122 Apr 1991Jan. 24, 1959 (inside a pair of wedding rings)
Yoho, Harry V.Harry Yoho28 Mar 199031 Mar 1990