The Fork Ridge Baptist Church, established in 1907, is located on Fork Ridge in Marshall County, West Virginia, approximately a mile from the intersection of Fork Ridge with Rt. 250. The cemetery is located across the road from the church.

Persons who were buried here are shown below using these columns:

  • Name: Primary name; maiden name for married women.
  • Name on Stone: Self-explanatory.
  • Date of Death: May be same as stone, but often comes from death records or other sources.
  • Date of Burial: Usually from death certificate, obituary, funeral card, etc.
  • Special Inscriptions and Comments: Inscriptions are italicized; my comments are not. Inscriptions generally exclude dates as the intent is to capture special or unique ones.

NameName on StoneDate of DeathDate of Burial Special Inscriptions and Comments
Allen, Grace L.Grace L. McNinch
Allen, Ingram AndersonIngram A. Allen14 Oct 1993
Allen, Ronald Eugene "Ronnie" Sr.25 Sep 201630 Sep 2016
Allen, Thomas Martin "Tom"Thomas M. Allen9 Aug 1994"Our Father Which Art in Heaven" on Tom's side of the stone, and "Married July 26, 1968" on Delta's side, with "Together Forever" at the bottom center
Bonar, Arthur C.Arthur C. Bonar1985S Sgt US Army Air Corps ~ World War II
Harris, Elmer B.Elmer B. Harris1985Married Mar 30, 1929
Harris, Eula M.Eula M. Allen26 Nov 1996
Harris, Patty L.Patty L. HarrisDaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harris
Logsdon, RebeccaRebecca Parks7 May 1907Mother ~ Wife of Joseph Parks
McNinch, JohnJohn M. McNinch28 Oct 194931 Oct 1949
McNinch, Margaret SarahMargaret Harris1995Married Mar 30, 1929
Parks, Della VirginiaDella V. Parks25 Apr 193228 Apr 1932
Parks, Joseph9 Jul 1899
Terrill, Frances L.6 Mar 20119 Mar 2011